Mobile Battery Charger: Electronics Mini Project

Hi, friends, in the series of engineering mini project we have seen many useful circuits in the day to day life. Today we are going to make another simple but very useful mini project which is a Mobile battery charger.

Mobile Battery Charger

In this mini project, we will charge any mobile battery using the output voltage from the circuit. It produces 3.7V DC output which is best suited for any mobile battery. Following diagram shows the circuit for the mobile battery charger.

Circuit diagram

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="558"]Mobile Battery Charger Circuit Mobile Battery Charger Circuit[/caption]

Components required

  • Two LEDs Red and Green

  • MCP73831 IC

  • Resistors and capacitors as shown in the circuit diagram

  • Mobile charger pin

Working of Mobile Battery Charger

In this mini project, we have used MCP73831 IC which is a highly advanced charge management controller which is used in special cases where there are space limitations or it can be used in cost-sensitive applications. Another important function of this IC is that it has a constant current and voltage charge algorithm which is useful for charging mobile batteries at a constant current and voltage.

We have used two LEDs of a different color. One is Red and the other is Green. Red LED will remain ON while charging your mobile battery. One it is fully charged Red LED get turned OFF and Green LED will be turned ON.

The output of this circuit is 3.7V. To use this voltage for charging your mobile battery you have to use a mobile charging pin. It is shown in the figure below. Please connect terminals of pin properly otherwise your battery may get damaged.

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