DC to AC Converter using IC 555 - Electronics Mini Project

It is common problem in most of the mini projects that how to convert DC voltage into AC voltage. When we develop any circuit that gives dc output voltage and if we want to convert it into AC voltage, this DC to AC converter is used. In this project, we will see how to control 120V AC supply using 12V DC output.

Components required

  • NE 555 (Timer IC)

  • NPN Transistor (TIP41)

  • PNP Transistor (TIP42)

  • Resistors and capacitors

  • Inductor of 1µH

  • Variable resistor (potentiometer) of 50K?

Circuit diagram

Following diagram shows circuit for DC to AC voltage converter using NE 555 timer IC:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="863"]12V DC to 120V AC Converter 12V DC to 120V AC Converter[/caption]

Description and working of DC to AC converter

Above circuit can be used for a range of +5V to +15V DC voltage. This DC voltage is applied to the NE555 timer IC. NE555 produces frequency proportional to the input voltage. At the output terminal, we have used two transistors. One is NPN and other is PNP. These two transistors are used for driving transformer coil. An inductor of 1µH is used in series with the 2200µF capacitor.


  • You can also get output voltage between 120V to 230V AC at 50-60Hz.

  • The output voltage depends on the step up transformer used in the circuit.

  • You can also use a similar transistor instead of TIP41 and TIP42.

You can use this as your second or third year engineering project. This is a simple mini project using IC555. It is easy to build and all components used in the circuit are easily available.

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