How to Make PCB Layout Using Eagle Software

Hello friends, in this section we are going to learn how to make PCB layout using eagle software step by step tutorial. Basically, the eagle is a software (which you can run as a freeware also) used for making PCB layout. Click this link to download the latest version of Cadsoft Eagle.

Open the eagle software and click on File > New > Project.

open eagle software

You will ask to give the name for the new project. (In my case I have given name as power supply).

give name for new project

Now right click on your project name (power supply) > click on new > Schematic.

new schematic

You will see following window.

Copy of add button

Now here we have to draw a circuit diagram using different components which we are using in our circuit. (Such as capacitor, resistor, LEDs, etc.).

The circuit diagram of the power supply is given below.

power supply circuit diagram

Here J1 is used to connect the two wires of transformer output. And J2 will give the DC voltage.

To add all these components click on ‘add’ button

add button

A new window will appear as shown below.

add window

Now find all the components and place on the schematic.

For example for diode search diode and select whichever you are going to use in your PCB. For connector search AMP connector.

Now you will get all the components which look like as follows:
power supply with components

Now we have to connect all the components as shown in the circuit diagram using ‘wire’. Click on the wire button.

wire button


Single click on any one terminal and move the cursor then double click on another terminal to connect the wire. Finally, your circuit will look like this.
power supply circuit diagram

Now click on file > Switch to board.
file switch to board

A new window will appear which is PCB board editor. Initially, you will see all your components placed at the bottom left. Click on the ‘move button’ to move and place the components in the white frame. This facility will allow you to choose the position of components as you wish. You can select the position of components on the PCB. Don’t think about the complications of wiring just keep the components as you wish. See the following image for clear understanding.
board editor

Now to reduce the wire complication there is one super tool used in the Eagle software which is ratsnest. This button is located at the bottom left with green color. See the following picture. after ratsnest

Now click on Edit > Design rules and make changes as shown below. design rules 1 design rules 2 design rules 3

When all the components are placed appropriately, we are ready to start routing the PCB. This can be done using autorouter button which is near close to ratsnest button at the left bottom. This will remove the routed wire. autorouter

You will get the PCB as follows.

pcb after autorouter

Then click on view > layer settings and make changes as follows.

layer settings

Finally, save and print the PCB on magazine paper and using eatching process make your homemade professional PCB.

If you still can’t understand some steps, there is one manual which is made up by my friend Sandeep Jadhav. You can download that manual here. In this manual, all step by step instructions is provided in simple ways. Click here to download this Eagle tutorial manual.

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Thank you.

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