Current to Voltage Converter using Op Amp

In the last article we have seen how to convert voltage into current using voltage to current converter. Today we will see how to convert current into voltage form using current to voltage converter.

As we know we can not send output voltage of sensor to a long distance because of addition of noise. So we first convert it into current and then send to the destination. But at the destination we have to convert that current into its original form i.e. in voltage form. Using current to voltage converter we can easily convert the current into voltage.

Following figure shows the circuit diagram of the current to voltage converter. It uses simple operational amplifier and a feedback resistance.

[caption id="attachment_907" align="aligncenter" width="322"]Current to Voltage Converter Current to Voltage Converter[/caption]

The output voltage of operational amplifier is directly proportional to the current given to the inverting terminal of the op amp.

The value of the output voltage is given by the following equation

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