Top 38 Mini Projects for ECE

Hello friends, in this blog we will see the top 38 electronics mini projects for ECE. You can build these electronics circuits for your engineering projects. All these projects will include simple electronic components.

Mini Projects for ECE:

List of Simple Electronics Mini Projects for ECE

List of simple electronics projects:
  1. To design a traffic signal that will avoid an accident
  2. To design a system that will send an audio signal to a person when an obstacle at 1 meter
  3. A dryer system for drying wet clothes
  4. Traffic density based traffic signal
  5. Electric fencing to make an alarm on entering any animal into the field
  6. Cooler with automatic water filling
  7. Mobile charing by single socket with multiple connections
  8. Home automation
  9. Electric chair for a handicapped person
  10. The system for finding a number of passenger traveling for the same track, provide sharing of vehicle and reduce vehicle density
  11. Online registration of food dishes which are available at that time, the online app will display the status of registration and can get notify our turn in the queue
  12. Online agency giving contacts of owner and room availability for students
  13. The system prevents car accident by sensing excess vibration, accordingly act by breaking or speeding
  14. A robotic arm or stick, with a camera to take an image of the object and pick the object
  15. Anti-breaking system when there is skid
  16. Digital code lock with Arduino LCD and keypad
  17. Monitor and control greenhouse environment
  18. Temperature monitor and display temperature on 16*2 LCD
  19. Water pump control using a level sensor
  20. A sensor-based system that detects water leakage of underground pipe
  21. The automatic barrier for railway crossing
  22. Fire detection alarm system
  23. Automatic room heater
  24. Smart card
  25. Fingerprint-based door lock using Arduino
  26. Burglar alarm
  27. DC fan control using PWM
  28. Dot graph/bar graph control using an analog voltage
  29. Rotating solar panel using Arduino
  30. Remote stepper motor control system
  31. GSM based weather reporting
  32. Advanced footstep power generation system
  33. Smoke detection using MQ-2 gas sensor
  34. Arduino based distance sensor
  35. Arduino based heart rate monitor
  36. Arduino based energy meter
  37. Arduino based battery charge