Op Amp as an integrator

Op-amp as an integrator:

In the last article we have seen the op-amp comparator. Now we are going to learn another application of operational amplifier as integrator.

Integrator is a circuit whose output is proportional with the area of the input waveform. Following figure shows the op-amp as integrator circuit. We know that the RC circuit itself acts as a simple integrator. But in such circuits the output waveform is not exactly linear triangular waveform as it should be. In op-amp integrating circuit the inverting terminal is virtual grounded by the differential op-amp input circuit as shown in figure. Input current is equal to Vin/R1. As the input impedance of the op-amp is infinite all of I1 will flow to the capacitor.

op amp as an integrator

op amp as an integrator

Working of op-amp integrator:

Let us consider R1 is kept constant. Assume that the input voltage (Vin) is kept constant for a given period of time, hence the value of the I1 is also constant. Because of high impedance all of I1 flows through capacitor so that capacitor starts charging by a constant current source. When input voltage (Vin) is kept constant, the capacitor will charge and discharge at linear rate. The output of this op-amp integrator is shown below.

op amp integrator output waveforms

op amp integrator output waveforms

From the above output waveforms we can observed that when input voltage goes positive (from –V to +V) the output is a negative ramp. Similarly when the input goes negative (from +V to -V) the output is a positive ramp. This implies that the op-amp integrator output is 180 degree out of phase with the input.

We will see another application of operational amplifier i.e. op-amp audio amplifier in the next article.

Pin configuration of Op Amp:

op amp pin diagram

op amp pin diagram


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