Mini Project Ideas for Electronics Engineering

It is a common question during your first or second year engineering that which mini project should we do so that it will be useful in our day to day life and we will also get its output without too many efforts. So here are some electronics mini project ideas for electronics engineering students.

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Mini Project Ideas Using IC 555 (Timer IC)

  • Mobile incoming call indicator: This is one of the most attractive and useful mini projects in electronics. It uses an inductor coil which acts as an antenna for the mobile incoming call and operates other circuitry which will glow a LED or buzzer when you are receiving any mobile call. Check the details of this project here.

  • Fire alarm circuit using IC 555: This is one of the best mini projects which most of the student would like to do as their first mini project. In this project, we are using 555 timer IC along with thermistor. The thermistor is used to detect the fire. For more details of this project click here.

  • Water level indicator Alarm circuit: Another simple but useful mini project is water level indicator. In this project, we are using one buzzer which will generate sound as an alarm when a water level reaches a particular level. The cost of this project is very low and you can check its details here.

  • Night lamp using 555: in this project, a bulb (CFL or any other) is used which turns on in the night automatically and get turns off when there is sufficient light in the room.

  • Reminder alarm using IC 555: This mini project generates reminder using a buzzer after some specified time interval. IC CD4017 is used in this project which will start counting and after some time will give the signal to the buzzer for alarm.

Mini Project Ideas Using DTMF IC

Before reading following project ideas, I will recommend seeing a DTMF project which will produce a BCD value of pressed mobile number. By using this output you can do following mini projects easily.

  • DTMF Based home automation system: in this project we can operate home appliances using our mobile phone. When we press different numbers on the mobile keypad it will operate different electrical types of equipment like a fan, bulb, etc. Click here to know more about this project.

  • DTMF Based Electronic Voting Machine: This is one of the best projects for second or third year engineering students. In this project, you can do voting using your mobile phone.

  • DTMF based water pump controller: This is also one good mini project idea for electronics engineering students. You can operate your water pump using your mobile phone. Now there is no need to go to the place where the motor is mounted just call from your mobile and press assigned number it will on or off motor automatically.

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