List of Final Year Projects for Instrumentation Engineering

Hello, friends. It is very important to choose a good project in your final year of engineering. Your project should be attractive, innovative and more important is its output. If you successfully built a project and obtain its output you will definitely get good grades. So always choose a project for your final year which will be implementable (means you can get all its hardware), and you will be able to get its output.

Final Year Engineering Projects

Following is a list of Final year engineering projects for Instrumentation and Control Engineering students.

1) Machine Vision Based Object Sorting

This project is based on Machine vision. You can use a digital camera of your mobile or a separate camera for detecting objects. A conveyor can be used to move objects from one place to other. Whenever a defective product or unwanted product is passed over a particular point a camera will detect that product and will be sorted out. You have to use LabVIEW or Matlab for image processing.

2) Temperature Control System using PLC

PLC is one of the core subjects in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. So it will be impressive if you use PLC in your project. To built a Temperature Control System using PLC you can use RTD or Thermistor and a Heater. Whenever temperature rise above the predefined level a coolant (water) can be circulated surrounding the tank. When the temperature goes below set point a heater will get automatically on. You can use a PID controller for better controlling action than on-off control. This is really a good final project for  Instrumentation and control Engineering students.

3) Automatic Bottle filling project using PLC

This is also a good project for the final year. Its hardware is attractive and use of PLC in the project will impress your external. In this project, you can use a conveyor for bottle (cups) passing. IR sensor will detect the presence of bottle. At the same time, it will stop the conveyor. By generating a timer in PLC a Solenoid valve will start filling bottle. When the timer is completed solenoid valve will be closed and conveyor will get the start.

4) Automatic Irrigation System

This is an interesting project and involves measurement of soil moisture using Hygrometer. A hygrometer is an easily available sensor or eBay or amazon.  Whenever soil moisture decreases a pump will get start and water will wet soil. Thus no need of human for watering plants or farm. You can use and Arduino for analog reading and its digital output pins will operate pump on and off.

5) Home automation using PLC

In this project, we can control home appliances like a fan, Bulb, etc. using PLC. You can make use of Relays to connect home appliances with PLC.

6)PC Based Wireless transmission of process parameters

This is also a good final year project for Instrumentation and Control engineering students. In this project, you can transfer readings of process parameters like temperature, flow, pressure, etc. from one PC to other wireless. For this, you can use ZigBee.

7) Auctioneering Control System using LabVIEW

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Auctioneering Control System Auctioneering Control System[/caption]

This is really a core instrumentation project. In this project, you are going to control the temperature of the system using auctioneering control system. It means measuring parameters at different location and control action will be taken based on the most appropriate reading. Same hardware as that of Temperature control system using PLC discussed above can be used. Except for PLC you can use LabVIEW and Arduino.

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