LED Chasing (Blinking) Circuit using Microcontroller: Electronics Project

Working Principle

This project turns on the LEDs connected to port 1 of the microcontroller in sequence, resulting in chasing LEDs effect. The data is displayed with a one-second delay between each output pattern. The following figure shows the output pattern of LEDs. (There are only 8LEDs).



  • AT89C2051 microcontroller

  • Capacitors: 10uF, 30pF, 30pF.

  • Resistors: R2=100O…..(8) and one 8.2KO

  • Crystal oscillator: 12MHz

  • LEDs: 8

Circuit diagram

The following figure shows the circuit diagram of LED chasing project. For better appearance, you can also arrange these LEDs in circular or any geometrical shape with different colors for colorful output.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="490"]LED chasing circuit diagram LED chasing circuit diagram[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="490"]LED chasing circuit using AT89C2051 microcontroller LED chasing circuit diagram[/caption]

Program description

The program is required to load a 1 into the top (or bottom) bit of a variable and then shift the data right (or left) by one digit and display on the LEDs. A delay is required between each out to see the effect of chasing.


Click here to download .C and .HEX file for this project

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