How to Make 10V DC Power Supply (PCB included)

Hi friends, in this short tutorial we are going to learn how to make 10V DC power supply using LM350 IC. You can use this circuit as your first or second year engineering electronics mini project. This circuit is capable of producing 10V DC output at a current rating of maximum 3A. It uses LM350, a three terminal positive voltage regulator. It can produce an output voltage ranging from 1.2V to 33V for the input voltage of 14V to 24 V obtained from the AC mains through a step-down transformer. The capacitor C2 ensures the stability of the output from the regulator. To get different levels of the output voltage, the values of R2 and C3 can be varied accordingly.

Components required

  • C1 = 0.1uF

  • C2 = 1uF

  • C3 = 10uF

  • D1,D2,D3,D4 = IN5001

  • F1 = 3A

  • J1,J2 are screw terminals

  • R1 = 240O

  • R2 = 1.65K

  • U1 = LM350

Circuit diagram

[caption id="attachment_518" align="aligncenter" width="1527"]10V DC Power Supply 10V DC Power Supply[/caption]


You can download PCB Scematics here: 10V DC power supply

Features of 10V DC Power Supply

Input(V): 14VAC to 24VAC
Output(V): 10 VDC
Output load: 3A

Note: Use a ccl with 2oz Cu thickness for PCB fabrication.

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