Final Year Engineering Projects for Instrumentation Engineering

Hi friends, in this article we will see some innovative project ideas. You can make use of these projects to build your engineering projects. These projects are specially for Instrumentation, electrical and electronics students.

In this post we will just discuss what type of innovative projects you can make for your final year projects. In upcoming posts we will see how we can build all these projects step by step.

Instrumentation Engineering Final Year Projects

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1) RF Based Load Automation for smart home

Nowadays, modern houses and organisations are gradually shifting from conventional control system to centralised control system. This centralised control system make use of RF remote control to operate the equipment.

We can build this centralised control system by use of RF Transmitter, Receiver, micro controller, Encoder, Decoder, Switches and relays. This project costs near around 3000Rs - 4000Rs.

2)   Home Automation using TV Remote

This project looks very interesting and impressive as it involves home automation using our TV remote control. Infrared signals transmitted by remote control will get captured by sensor interfaced to control system. All the loads which you want to automate are connected to control system through relays.

Future scope of this project: You can enhance this project based on radio signal instead of Infrared signal of remote control. This will increase operating range so that you can operate equipment which are far away.

3) Recognition of Vehicle Number Plate using MATLAB

This is also one interesting project for Instrumentation Engineering students. In this project we are using just MATLAB so this project is also cost effective.

Here we capture the image of Vehicle number plate and by use of Image processing in MATLAb we can extract the data from that image. MATLAB will recognise the numbers from number plate and will show it as output.

4) Temperature control system using LabVIEW and Arduino

In this project we make use of LabVIEW and Arduino. To measure the temperature we can use any temperature sensor like thermistor, RTD, etc. We connect these sensors to analog pins of Arduino which will be interfaced to LabVIEW.

We can set our desired logics in LabVIEW to operate the heating elements. These heating elements are connected to arduino through relayes.

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In upcoming posts we will see some more interesting projects for instrumentation and electrical engineering students. I hope you liked these project ideas. Like our facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.