Final Year Electronics Engineering Projects List - 1

List of final year Engineering projects (List - 1):

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In this post, i have listed some of the important and innovative projects that are helpful for final year engineering students. Click on the link to free download the final year engineering projects and abstracts. You can get another list of electronic projects in upcoming articles - click here.

  1. Wi-fi based industrial automation and control using advanced rabbit processor rcm5600

  2. Graphical representation of a vehicle tracking using unanimous software

  3. Sending SMS in black spot area in an innovative manner

  4. Intelligent water dispenser based on embedded microcontrollers

  5. Advanced accidental vehicles lifting robot to avoid the traffic jam

  6. Voice-based wireless ICU patient medicine reminder for busy hospitals to save the patients

  7. Modern restaurants atomization for wireless menu dish ordering using touch panel and ZigBee

  8. Dual -robots control communication system based on wireless ZigBee network

  9. Voice enabled route guide and warning system for blind people.

  10. Ag robot for watering the plants in a timely manner for tree to tree robot designed as plant watering system (mc)

  11. Unmanned intelligent supervisory steering control using advanced IR transceiver

  12. Wireless moving scrolling led display used as a notice board

  13. Accident detection for release airbag using gsm, gps&mems using microcontroller

  14. Internet based home automation using rabbit processor

  15. Voice based bus stage announcement for rural people

  16. Heavy luggage transportation in cities without interrupting the traffic

  17. Touch screen based industrial device management system.

  18. Supervisory management for financiers using gsm and GPS

  19. Creating a single communication link between 2 wireless communications (ir+zigbee)

  20. Dual touch panel based wireless data chatting using ZigBee technology

  21. A wireless solution system for tracking the stolen vehicles

  22. Can protocol implementation for industrial process control

  23. Intellectual atm card stealing information system through wireless

  24. 5tudent college alert system to parents by their entry at the college premises by using gsm SMS

  25. An innovative college bus information system to students using gsm

  26. Front-end operations for banking applications using high-end security device

  27. Innovative congestion control system for ambulance using ZigBee

  28. Accelerometer based transportation mode recognition on mobile phones

  29. Border security and safety alert system using gsm

  30. Can bus application in automotive network control

  31. Wireless agricultural paddy field motor control for illiterate farmers

  32. Touch panel based wheelchair for handicapped persons

  33. Design of expandable conductivity temperature depth survey data processing system

  34. Distributed remote temperature monitoring and acquisition system based on can bus

  35. Gps-gsm integration for enhancing public transportation management services

  36. Remote control of smart household based on DTMF.

  37. Intelligent lighting control system for railway stations to save power

  38. Embedded safety management for resident using wireless technology

  39. The system design of monitoring abnormal environment parameter of vegetable greenhouse based on the short message using gsm.

  40. An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID technology.

  41. Network intrusion detection system embedded in a smart sensor

  42. Remote monitoring of building structural integrity by a smart wireless sensor network.

  43. Touch panel based hot spot information kiosk using ZigBee

  44. Wireless sensor networks with embedded intelligence for agricultural applications

  45. Application of Zigbee for pollution monitoring caused by automobile exhaust gasses

  46. Relative location estimation of vehicles in parking management system (wi-fi)

  47. Automobile anti-theft system design base on gsm and GPS.

  48. Fingerprint authentication for vehicle access system

  49. Gsm based secured atm cash transactions with dynamic pin

  50. Anti-theft wireless alarm

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