Accidental Vehicle Lifting Robot - Electronics Mini Project

Nowadays the number of road accidents increasing frequently. Whenever vehicle accident occurs on the road there may be a high possibility of traffic. In such cases, if we could able to move that accidental vehicle from the road, we can easily avoid the traffic. To make this possible we can build an accidental vehicle lifting robot using the embedded system. You can build its prototype using a small vehicle which you can easily found in the toy store.

Accidental Vehicle Lifting Robot

[caption id="attachment_492" align="aligncenter" width="886"]Accidental Vehicle Lifting Robot Accidental Vehicle Lifting Robot[/caption]


Working of Accidental Vehicle Lifting Robot

The working of this project is based on the microcontroller which is connected to a motor to move the accidental vehicle. Also, the microcontroller is connected to a chain based rod to lift the vehicle.

The complete circuitry of this project contains microcontroller board which has a robotic platform, keypad, electric motors to move the vehicles and lifting the chain based rod. These motors will be moved accordingly to the instruction given through keys connected to the microcontroller.

Components required


  • AT89c52

  • Robot platform

  • Driver circuit

  • Motor for lifting

  • Controlling keys

  • 12 v battery


  • Embedded ‘C’

  • RIDE/KEIL to write code

  • ISP to burn the chip

Advantages Accidental Vehicle Lifting Robot:

  • Low cost

  • automated operation

  • Low Power consumption

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