How to Make Online Quiz Website for Free

Hi friends, in this post I am going to tell how to make online quiz website for free. Many bloggers want to make an online quiz website but due to difficulties in programming they can not make such websites. We know that quiz consist of multiple choice questions and it becomes difficult to program questions with their answer and result of quiz. So don’t worry! Now you can also make a multiple choice questions website without coding.

In this post we will see how to make HTML code of multiple choice questions with their answers and final result. This post will be helpful for bloggers and website builders to make online quiz test website without coding. I will also give an example on how to make quiz website using blogger platform.

I have found one free online quiz maker which can easily generate HTML code for your multiple choice questions. The advantage of using this free online multiple choice question maker is that it will give your quiz result within second when click on get result.

You can easily make HTML code for multiple choice questions using this free online quiz maker by following below steps.

Go to free online quiz maker.

You will be asked to enter how many question do you want in your quiz? Then choose the style of button (radio buttons, pull-down menus, or text fields). I will recommend radio buttons because it looks more professional for quiz.

Make Online Quiz Website

Then you will be asked for number of options (choice) for each question. In my case I have used 4. You can any number of choices for a question. Then hit on ‘submit’.

How to make online multiple choice  question website

Now type your questions and their choices in the quiz maker. When you fill form completely hit on ‘See the code below’. You will see your HTML code is ready to copy on your blog.

Fill your questions

For those who don’t know how to add this HTML code on your blog use these steps. Go to your blogger dashboard click on new post, you will see following window click on HTML and past your HTML code their. It’s simple!

Edit HTML in blogger

Thus to make online quiz website like you need not to be expert in coding. Just keep your multiple questions ready and start your online test website within short time.

I hope now will be able to make a good Quiz Website and can insert MCQs in your website. If you liked this article share it with your friends and like our like our facebook page for future updates!