Vehicle Tracking Using Microcontroller & GPS Module

Hi friends, In this project we are going to make a Vehicle tracking system using 8051 microcontroller and GPS module. You can use this project for you final year submissions which cost you around 2500Rs. This is quite interesting and useful project in our day to day life.

We can easily tack lost vehicle using this Vehicle tracking GPS module. In this project we are using 8051 microcontroller, GPS module to track the vehicle location. This system will send a location of vehicle in the form of longitude and latitude values. If you enhance this project you can also easily track the position of vehicle in the graphical presentation on your PC.

Vehicle Tracking Using Microcontroller and GPS Module


The main objective behind developing this project is to track the vehicle position using microntroller GPS module & Zigbee module along with software to see the track of vehicle on PC.

Block Diagrams:

1) Connecting GPS with ZigBee:

Connecting GPS and Zigbee

2) Vehicle Tracking Block Diagram:

Vehicle Tracking Block Diagram

3) Power supply for Vehicle Tracking Circuit:

Power Supply


In this project we using AVL technology. AVL stands for Automatic Vehicle Location. AVL is an advanced method to track and monitor any vehicle which is connected with Vehicle tracking circuit.AVL is a combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) and GIS (Geographic Information SYstem). All data transmission in this project depends on GPS satellite and receiver on the board and Zigbee.

There are planty of tutorials availbel in Internet on how to connect Zigbee with your GPS module. Once you integrate Zigbee and GPS connect your circuit with Microcontroller. You can refer this article on how to connect GPS with 8051 microcontroller.


For building this Vehicle tracking system you will need Embedded C knowledge, RIDE to write code and ISP to burn the chip.


  • 8051 microcontroller kit
  • power supply
  • Zigbee module
  • GPS module

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