How to Unlock Forgotten Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

Whatever built in security functions available in smart phone, pattern lock is one of widely used security feature. The top most layer of smart phone security is its pattern lock. Many of us keep complex pattern lock for security purpose. But what will you do if you lost or forgot your pattern lock? How you will reset forgotten pattern lock or pin lock??

There are two commonly used methods like 1) using your google account and 2) factory resetting your mobile. We will see these methods for pattern unlocking or pin recovering. But there is one more easy method which will keep your data from formatting. Yes it is possible to open your mobile without losing your data. This method uses an android file manager which is known as AROMA file manager.

First we will see those two methods which are pretty easy and fast.

  • Method 1: Using your Google account to reset your mobile:

If you forgot your pattern or pin lock then this method is widely used to unlock your mobile. If you fail to enter correct pattern lock or pin lock several times you will see a “forgot password” option. When you click on this option it will ask you your google username (id) and password. When you enter correct google username and password a normal screen will appear and you can change your forgotten pattern lock or pin.

  • Method 2: Factory reset your mobile (formatting):

In the last method we have used mobile recovering using google account. But what if you don’t have google account or you forgot your google password or you don’t have internet connection to use your google account. Don’t worry! Here is another method to unlock your mobile.

Note: Use this method if and only if you don’t have important files in your mobile phone memory because use of this method of unlocking you will erase all your mobile data permanently.

  • In this method you have to open your mobile phone in recovery mode. There is no unique method to open your cell phone in recovery mode. Different handsets may have different method to open it in recovery mode.
  • The most common method is Switch on your mobile by pressing (power button + home button + volume down) at same time. Many handsets may not have home button. So pressing power button and volume down button at same time will open your cell phone in recovery mode.
  • If you can’t open your smart phone in recovery mode using above method you can easily search on google to find it.
  • Once you open your android phone in recovery mode you will see different options. One of those will be Factory Reset. Choose factory reset (you can use Volume down button to scroll over options and volume down button to select that option). But make sure that you will lose all your data once you factory reset your mobile.
Unlock Pattern Without Factory Reset
Unlock Pattern Without Factory Reset
  • Method 3: AROMA File Manager Recovery:

This is advanced method of recovering your mobile without losing data. This recovery method will unlock forgotten pattern lock without factory reset. For this we will use world’s first android recovery based file manager which is known as AROMA file manager.

Follow these steps and unlock android mobile without formatting your data.

Note: All the information provided here is just for educational purpose. So we are not responsible for whatever happens with your mobile or data. Under our testing everything was fine. Hope it will be fine with you too.

  • Download AROMA fle manager from here.
  • Remove your SD card and copy this ZIP file into the root of your SD card. Root path means directly in the SD card not in any folder.
  • Now open your phone in Recovery mode and choose Install ZIP from SD Card > Select ZIP from SD Card and select the file.
  • Select yes to install that file.
  • A prompt window will appear on your screen to ask you whether you want alternative touch method.
    1. Tap no button; if it works AROMA file manager will get installed.
    2. Else select YES button using volume up button and use power or home button to select it.

In this way you will be able to use AROMA file manager with your phones built in recovery.

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How to Make Online Quiz Website for Free

Hi friends, in this post I am going to tell how to make online quiz website for free. Many bloggers want to make an online quiz website but due to difficulties in programming they can not make such websites. We know that quiz consist of multiple choice questions and it becomes difficult to program questions with their answer and result of quiz. So don’t worry! Now you can also make a multiple choice questions website without coding.

In this post we will see how to make HTML code of multiple choice questions with their answers and final result. This post will be helpful for bloggers and website builders to make online quiz test website without coding. I will also give an example on how to make quiz website using blogger platform.

I have found one free online quiz maker which can easily generate HTML code for your multiple choice questions. The advantage of using this free online multiple choice question maker is that it will give your quiz result within second when click on get result.

You can easily make HTML code for multiple choice questions using this free online quiz maker by following below steps.

Go to free online quiz maker.

You will be asked to enter how many question do you want in your quiz? Then choose the style of button (radio buttons, pull-down menus, or text fields). I will recommend radio buttons because it looks more professional for quiz.

Make Online Quiz Website

Then you will be asked for number of options (choice) for each question. In my case I have used 4. You can any number of choices for a question. Then hit on ‘submit’.

How to make online multiple choice  question website

Now type your questions and their choices in the quiz maker. When you fill form completely hit on ‘See the code below’. You will see your HTML code is ready to copy on your blog.

Fill your questions

For those who don’t know how to add this HTML code on your blog use these steps. Go to your blogger dashboard click on new post, you will see following window click on HTML and past your HTML code their. It’s simple!

Edit HTML in blogger

Thus to make online quiz website like you need not to be expert in coding. Just keep your multiple questions ready and start your online test website within short time.

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How to Improve Smart Phone Battery Life

Hi friends, in this post we will see 5 best ways to improve battery life of your smart phone. Yes it possible to extend battery life of your smart phone by taking some simple precautions that we will discuss below. We always take care of all the things related to our android smart phone like use of screen guard, a good cover, antivirus, etc. But what about your cell phone battery? Here I am giving some tricks to improve android smart phone battery life.

  • Try to keep battery temperature low.

Temperature is one of the main factors that reduce your battery life. Make sure that your smart phone is not exposed to sunlight for long time. If you are working outside in afternoon wrap your mobile in napkin. Never use your mobile for long time (especially when watching high quality videos for long time) which will increase your battery temperature. If you keep temperature low then it will definitely improve battery life of your android smart phone.

  • Never wait to discharge your battery completely.

Many of us think that we should charge our mobile battery only after it gets discharged completely to improve battery life, but is not true (Yes it is true in case of NiCad batteries, but these types of batteries are not used these days). Today lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries are commonly used in almost every android smart phone. It is not expected in case of Li-Ion batteries that you should use your mobile unless it gets completely discharged. If your battery indicator shows 25% battery then you should charge it up to 80%.

improve battery life

  • Avoid full charging.

You might get shocked but is true. (Yes it is desirable to charge fully in case of NiCad batteries but not in Li-Ion). It is better not to charge your battery 100% for improving battery life. Full charging of battery causes stress on battery because of high voltages. Many people have habit to put their smart phone for charging for whole night. If you put your mobile for whole night charging then it will reduce your cell phone battery life. So avoid full charging to improve battery life of your mobile.

  • Discharge your battery completely once in month.

In today’s smart world batteries are also getting smart. Now you can see notification on your mobile regarding your remaining battery percentage. So to make your device shows exact reading you should discharge your battery at lest once a month (but not always as mentioned earlier). This is because your mobile always monitoring physical condition of your battery and according to its condition it will display you the remaining time for battery discharging.

  • Make use of genuine batteries (Branded Batteries).

Always use good quality batteries for your android. Due to some reason if your battery get damaged then buy only original battery. It is good to use battery of same company as that of your mobile. Don’t look for its cost, because cheap quality battery may get burnt and serious accident may happen.

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How To Allow Visitors To Upload Files To Your Website

In this tutorial we are going to learn about how to allow visitors to upload their files on your website. Let me clear you one thing that those uploaded files will be saved in your Dropbox folder. Many times website or blog owners want to allow visitors to upload their files on their website.

The possible solution might be Email. But it becomes very difficult for website owner as well as visitor to upload and download files easily. Another way is to make a shared folder. But it will allow visitor both read and write. So here is one simple method which will embed an uploader form into your site so that there is no need of any registration or other things for the visitors. It will be very easy to upload files to your visitor. (See example form here)

If you too want to embed an upload button on your website then you are at right place. You are reading this article that means you have little bit knowledge about pasting a code (html, JavaScript) in your website.

So we are using a popular web form builder called Using this simple web form builder you can create your customized web form without writing a single line of code.

Allow Visitors to Upload Files on your Website

Following are the steps to embed an upload file button (i.e. file uploader) form into your website.

As we are using our Dropbox account to store the uploaded files from the visitors, you should first sign in to your Dropbox account. (If you do not have account on Dropbox, create it here).

Then go to and click on “Create a Dropbox Form”

Jotform-Dropbox integration

It will ask you to give API access to your Dropbox in order to deliver your files.

Once you complete these steps click on “Launch Form Builder”. Following window will appear.

Jotform form builder

Click on “Source Code” you will get a Javascript code. Now you can use this code wherever you want to allow visitors to upload their files into your Dropbox folder. If you don’t know how to use this Javascript code into your website read following instructions.

In this example I am going to use a blogger platform.

Go to your Blogger dashboard. Click on layout > add a Gadget a pop up window will appear as follws:

Add a Gadget Pop up

Select HTML/JavaScript and paste a Javascript Code that we have copied from jotform.

See example form: Click here

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