Temperature Controller Project using LabVIEW and Arduino

Hi friends, here we are going to build a small engineering project based on LabVIEW and Arduino. In this project we are making Temperature controller using Arduino and LabVIEW. We will operate a cooling fan when the temperature goes above set point.

Before you start this project make sure that you have installed LabVIEW Interface For Arduino (LIFA) on your system. If not follow this article for installing LIFA: How to Interface Arduino with LabVIEW

Components required:

  • Arduino Uno (or Freeduino)
  • 10K ohm resistor
  • Thermistor (Click here to buy)
  • RGB LED (or separate LEDS can also be used)
  • DC fan (5V)


In this temperature controller project, we will use thermistor for measuring the temperature of liquid or any other material. We are using three LEDs to indicate temperature range. Red LED is used to indicate the temperature is above set opint. Blue LED will indicate temperature lies between upper and lower set point. Green LED will indicate temperature below set point.

Front Panel of Temperature Controller
Front Panel of Temperature Controller

When the RED LED glows the cooling fan will turned on. Due to cool air (or you can also use cooler water pump with relay circuitry) your object (liquid) will get cooled. When the temperature falls down DC cooling fan will get turned off.

Construction of Temperature Controller Project:

Interfacing thermistor with Arduino
fig 1: Interfacing thermistor with Arduino


Temperature controller using LabVIEW and Arduino
fig2: Temperature controller using LabVIEW and Arduino


  • Connect thermistor and Resistor with the analog port of Arduino as shown in first image.
  • Now connect three LEDs with positive terminals of each led to pin number 8,9 and 10. Connect negative terminal of LED with common (ground of arduino).
  • Now depends on your application i.e. if you are using small 5V dc fan you can connect it directly with the Arduino (pin number 3 and ground) using motor driver IC L293D (In figure we have connected motor directly but it should be not so. You should use motor driver IC). If you are using 230V AC appliance you need a relay circuit. You can buy it from here.

Download LabVIEW Program: Click Here

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How to Interface Arduino with LabVIEW

Hi friends, here we will see how to interface arduino (or freeduino) with LabVIEW. In this post a step by step tutorial is given on LabVIEW Interface For Arduino (i.e. LIFA). Follow the steps in given order and configure your LabVIEW to make it comaptible with Arduino or Freeduino.

LabVIEW Interface For Arduino:

Step 1: Download LabVIEW Interface For Arduino (LIFA) 

Step 2: Don’t install LIFA directly. If you install LIFA directly you will get an error like

"VIPM could not continue. Please fix the error and try again.
VIPM could not connect to Labview 2013. VIPM requires LabVIEW access as a part of the current task execution in progress.
please verify the VI SERVER : Exported VIs and Machine access settings in LabVIEW 2013...... "

Complete the following steps to enable VI server access

Step 3: Open LabVIEW go to Tools > Options > VI Server

LabVIEW Settings for Arduino 005


Configuring VI Servers in LabVIEW 006


Step 4: After clicking on VI Server scroll down to check Machine Access. Here you have to add machine access list manually. So make sure that you have added “”, “localhost”, “*” in the Machine access list as shown in above image. Then click on OK.

Step 5: Now open downloaded VI Package Manager.

Step 6: Search for LabVIEW Interface For Arduino and double click on it to install it.

LabVIEW Interface For Arduino LIFA


LabVIEW Interface for Arduino 002


Step 7: Click on continue and after installation complete click on finish.

LabVIEW Interface for Arduino 003


LabVIEW Interface for Arduino 004


Now you are ready to connect arduino with LabVIEW. In the next post we will see how to connect Arduino with LabVIEW practically and we will do a simple project using Arduino and LabVIEW.

For more details you may refer: Configuring VI Server 

See also:  How to save LabVIEW Program in Image format

I hope you have successfully installed LabVIEW Interface for Arduino and ready to do some stuff with Arduino. If you have any doubt feel free to ask. Share this article with your friends and like our facebook page for future updates.

Final year engineering projects list – 3

List of final year engineeeirng projects (List-3)

Final year engineering projects
Final year engineering projects

Here are another list of some innovative and useful final year engineering projects for final year engineering students. These projects are provided to engineering students for their project preparation. you can download any project which you like by just clicking on the link. 

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101. Construction of touch panel based portable digital clock

102. Vision based obstacle avoidance and target tracking for autonomous mobile robot

103. Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal mines

104. Design lk development of a gsm based vehicle theft control system

105. Artificial vision systems for blind man

106. Remotely controllable outlet system for home power management trough pc

107. Pc controlled spy robot using wireless webcam

108. Microcontroller based automatic pre paid electronic bus fare system

109. Electronic medical record for effective patient monitoring database

110. A prototype of an integrated blood pressure and electrocardiogram device for multi-parameter physiologic monitoring

111. A robot motion authoring using finger-robot interaction

112. Development of intelligent power wheelchair assisting for people on daily life using motion recognition

113. Remote home security system based on wsn and gsm technology

114. High heart beat alert to doctors using pom and gsm modem via short message

115. Remote notice board implementation using gsm communication

116. Application study of mine alarm system based on zigbee technology

117. Icu patient monitoring system with automatic sms system using gsmzigbee wireless technology.

118. Mems based automatic wheel chair movement for paralyses patient’s old age people.

119. Obstacle detecting system for vehicle collision safeguard

120. Finger print based money management system for atm backend operations.bus

121. Intelligent touch panel based access control mechanism for ubiquitous applications

122. Cost effective wireless attendance and access control system

123. Finger print based atm lk locker system for modern ban.

124. Smart wireless temperature data logger using zigbee 802.15.4

125. Dtmf mobile phone controlled dam water gates controlling system with high-level protection

126. Traffic signal light intelligent control system based on microcontroller

127. Intelligent fleet management system with concurrent gps lk gsm real time positioning technology

128. Automated vehicles for physically and visually challenged

129. Autonomous street lighting system based on solar energy and led’s

130. Monitoring of an aeroponic greenhouse with a sensor network,

131. Home automation using zigbee

132. Automatic street light controller with rtc

133. Density based traffic light control sytem

134. Dtmf based load automation

135. Embedded finalized list 2012

136. Fingerprint based bank locker system

137. Gps data logger

138. Gsm based advance home security system

139. Gsm based notice board with lcd display

140. Gsm based wireless electronic notice board

141.0bstacle detection and avoidance robot

142. Pc based wireless temp data logger

143. Pc controlled robotic arm control

144. Rf based load automation

145. Rf robot

146. Rfid based security system

147. Servo motor control system

148. Smart car parking system using microcontroller

149. Traffic light priority control system

150. Ultrasonic proximity detector abstract

151. Visitor counter

Previous list of projects

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Final year engineering projects list – 2

List of final year Engineering projects (List – 1):

Final year engineering projects
Final year engineering projects

We have already published 50 projects for final year engineering students in the last article. If you want to check that list click here

I am going to publish another 50 projects with abstracts for all final year engineering students which will help you in making your projects. Click on the link provided with the project list to download project.

51. Centralized secured voting system using finger print sensor

52. Vehicle supervision system based on mems geo sensor

53. Automatic college ringing bell management system using i2c protocol

54. Vehicle emission monitoring system using wireless technology

55. Automatic accident identification alert system using vibration sensor and rf technology

56. Examination room guide using rfid for the jumbling system based exams

57. Wi-fi based data acquisition system using rabbit processor

58. Advanced atm security system using gsm& mems

59. Zigbee based vehicle access control system

60. Remote weather station design using zigbee

61. Under water wireless control and transmission system based zigbee

62. Ethernet (web) based data acquisition and controlling and display on pc

63. Remote controllable and energy-saving room architecture based on zigbee communication

64. Applications of wireless sensor networks in the oil, gas and resources industries

65. Human recognition using rfid technology and stereo vision

66. Touch panel based advanced home automation system for next generation apartments using zigbee

67. Authentication and access control system for security personnel using i-button

68. Rfid based automatic highway toll tax collection system

69. Touch screen based digital slate for next generation elementary school children

70. Incomparable and intelligent traffic control system using ir and gsm

71. Touch panel based nurse attendant calling system for physically impaired

72.  Zigbee based attendance alert system with person details by using i-button technology

73. Electronic voting machine by using rabbit processor

74. Boarding school students monitoring systems (e-id) using radio frequency identification.

75. High secured password protected door accessing system using touch panel

76. An electronic voting system through touch screen interface

77. An automated stock price delivery system based on the gsm short message service

78. Gsm based prepaid energy meter for electrical applications.

79. Authorized home appliances control with i-button

80. Safety parsel courier system

81. Microcontroller based finger print access developed voting machine

82. Continuous indoor navigation with rfid and ins

83. Microcontroller and touch panel based wireless library book catalog system

84. Safety of valuable items by using zigbee and mems sensor

85. Two-way wireless data messaging system for rural areas using zigbee technology

86. Automatic detection of train arrival through an accelerometer using rf

87. Security integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial applications with sms alert system using gsm modem.

88. Messenger development without internet using zigbee

89. Deploying zigbee sensor network for vibration measurement

90. Autonomous light control by wireless sensor and actuator networks

91. Automated exam entry cancellation to the students who are late for the examination

92. Touch panel controlled motor speed and direction control system

93. The application of wireless sensor network design based on zigbee in petrochemical industry field

94. Metal detector robot control using zigbee

95. Remote sensing and control of an irrigation system using distributed wireless network

96. Automatic gsm sms passage to the parents if the student’s attendance is less than the required level using rfid technology

97. Wireless electronic notice board with multi nodes using zigbee communication system.

98. Remote monitoring system for oil wells based on gsm gprs technology

99. Password operated device control using mobile communication

100. Accelerometer based free fall or anti-slippage protection for hdd



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